Blacktop Boston is mainly meant to ensure high-quality pavement service even after the job. The quality of pavement service also boils down to the life of the product. The service of the pavement life is enhanced or reduced by most of the factors. It mainly includes the quality of the installation done initially, climatic conditions, traffic flow, and its usage. The most important aspect is maintenance. With the help of constant, cost-effective asphalt maintenance, you can get an extremely long lifespan and a new look for decades.

Let’s get a better understanding of the Asphalt Repair Service

When the asphalt is ruined, the only method to avoid the high costs instantly. The reduced asphalt driveway is also fragile and tends to get worse when not addressed soon. While fixing a crack or the pothole is highly affordable, redoing the blacktop may be pricey. The most probable asphalt defects are the cracks and the potholes. It seems as if a small thing has the potential to cause a long-lasting disruption to the pavement. 

Kinds of Cracking & Repairs

Cracked asphalt signifies a proper danger to the health of your pavement. It leads to various factors and has variable solutions depending on the situation. Here are three most common kinds of asphalt cracking:

Alligator Cracking

Alligator Cracking is formed by:

  • Massive loads on the pavement
  • Low drainage
  • There is a soft surface, base, or subgrade because of poor installation, drainage, or climate.
  • A surface or base which is relatively thin.

One or more of the various other factors leads to the cracking. Without repairing the pavement and eradicating the cause with the seal coat, these cracks will spread over time until the complete replacement is mandatory. We repair cracking by the implementation of the full-depth patch. It helps solve both the surface problem and the underlying structural weaknesses.

Block Cracking 

It is mainly caused by:

  • The main reason can be an old, dried-out surface from the sun exposure with time.
  • The installation is not proper (mix placed which is too dry, inappropriate aggregate mix)
  • Low volume of traffic

Block cracking, which is generally not indicative of the weakened base. We at Blacktop Boston make sure to fix with a suitable surface area, including the patches in many cases. 

Cracking on the Edges

Edge cracks consist of the crescent-shaped cracks close to the edge of your pavement caused by the few aspects:

  • Reduced support at the pavement edge
  • When the vegetation is overgrown on the pavement edge
  • Settlement of the underlying material
  • Drainage is poor
  • Adjacent soil get shrunk
  • Frost Heave
Crew performing asphalt repair in Boston

Asphalt Maintenance

Maintenance is the most effective tool at the disposal of combat—the degradation of the pavements with the coming years of heavy traffic and bad weather. While we cannot control the climatic conditions, we can further be proactive and get in front of the issues before they are out of control.

We ensure the wide range of asphalt repair and maintenance services to provide ongoing support to our clients and also keep the pavements secure, secured, and also appears to be sharp. 

If  your asphalt requires significant repairs make sure to call Blacktop Boston. We will even offer you a free and no-obligation quote! We have got you covered, from the crack and the pothole repair to various maintenance that provides the preventive measures.

Investment Plan on Asphalt Maintenance

The maintenance of the asphalt and the protection involves a lot of the investment and a great deal of hard work. Our professional asphalt contractors ensure our clients with the most cost-effective maintenance plans aimed toward providing long life and a fresh look that impresses your neighboring friends or customers.  We are also ensured with the parking lot maintenance to most business owners for the decades, allowing them to enjoy the pavements without any hassle.

If you desire to rest easy and save money on the costly asphalt repairs and replacements, you can always give us a call. We’ll ensure you with the estimate on the comprehensive maintenance plan that will provide an ever-lasting surface.

Asphalt repair

Disrupted Pavement? Contact Our Repair Experts

When you understand that there is the requirement of a one-time repair, a new seal coat, or an extended maintenance plan, give us a call. We will make the requirements and provide a no cost, no obligation quote! 

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