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line striping

Line Striping directs the traffic flow smoothly for the vehicles and the pedestrians in your parking lot. Blacktop Boston pavement professionals enhance parking areas with fine detail. All the crucial layouts are typically built as per the guidelines set by the municipal corporation via laser-guided striping systems to achieve accuracy.

The Services We Ensure in the Line striping:

New Design

For the clients who have bought a brand new property or have formed an additional parking lot, our professional experts make sure to provide enhanced design services for a completely new layout created with safety, aesthetics, and coordination in mind.

Maintaining your parking lot is highly significant for security. There are a plethora of perks that can be enjoyed by restricting parking lots. Hence, a few among them are assisting to enhance the safety of the drivers as well as pedestrians. They are making sure to enhance the visibility on the road, increasing the appeal of your business. The professional team will ensure that your parking lot is entirely safe, with a fresh appearance.

Also, the paving contractors here help provide the highly enhanced quality pavement marking services that give your parking lot a clean, updated look for the establishment requirements. 

We ensure high-quality line striping results. Mainly including:

  • The parking lots i.e., residential/commercial
  • Workshops or the storehouses
  • Garages i.e., residential/commercial
  • Driveways
  • Tow away zones
  • No parking zone
  • Fresh Layout
  • Re-striping
  • Reduced Traffic
  • Standardized designs
  • Letters, Creation of the traffic arrows, Number Arrows
  • Painted Bumpers for Parking
  • Handicap Approved Markings
  • Directional arrows
  • Painted Curbing
  • Light Pole Bases with Painting or Re-Painting
  • Parking Bumpers installed along with speed bumps
new line striping in parking lot

Restriping the Parking Lots 

Now, giving your existing parking lot a new look is easy with us. The Blacktop Boston Experts assist in improvising traffic management. Furthermore, we help in increasing the land’s beauty with the help of the restriping services. The clients with existing parking lots attain a similar level of attention and assistance with the help of the standardized layout design formed to match the individual demands. 

What Sets Us Apart? 

Following are the facilities we make sure to ensure:

Usage of the Durable Paint

We are proud to use the most standardized and durable paint to ensure high quality and everlasting striping.


Municipal Code Compliance

Blacktop Boston bears a tremendous experience and consists of professional experts too. The experts here make sure to conduct striping the right way for the first time. Are you wondering where you can get the best driveway paving near me? Have a view of our services to gather information about the primitive results. 

We Work Accordingly In Terms of Your Schedule

Blacktop Boston makes sure to conduct the stripping services outside the store hours to give rise to a minor interruption to your business. Or if you’re a 24 hr business then we can section areas and pave each section at time.


line striping

Why Is Parking Lot Striping Significant?

Parking lot striping helps form a secure environment: Here are the following reasons that the parking lot striping is extremely useful for the environment and traffic control.

It forms a safe and secure environment for the employees and the visitors: pedestrians help identify the pathways to walk or stand in the loading zones. 

Striping helps in coordinating  the flow of traffic and helps avoid vehicular accidents, which as a property owner, you may be liable for.  With the availability of arrows for the entrances, exits, directional flow along with the clear fire lanes and the loading areas, you can also keep the traffic moving on continuously and avoid collisions. 

Having the property line striping can help with compliance with ADA regulations. Making sure that a person with a disability is not injured on a non-compliant ADA property. The individual will be held legally responsible. 

What is the Parking Lot Striping Cost Estimate?

A new parking lot requires a new design to be constructed and also costs greater than as compared to a restriping job. Furthermore, striping mostly requires painting over the lines which are already existing. Let’s get the estimated cost of paving; one should get connected with an asphalt contractor; here are some of the factors where the cost estimate is considered:

  • Mobilization fees include a few hundred dollars, and it is the minimal fee charged to conduct a project as even the not-so-big projects cost the contractor a certain amount.
  • The larger the parking lot square footage, the greater the number of spaces, and the greater the cost. Also, the paving cost per square foot varies depending on the diameter. 
  • Stop Signs, crosswalk pathways, speed bumps, arrows, and letters can also add to the cost.
  • The cost of the paint is higher.

By understanding this cost estimate, the buyers can easily compare the bids from various paving companies and then decide! If you are searching for the paving companies near me, stop looking further, as Blacktop Boston can be a one-stop solution for you! 

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