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We are proud of each driveway, parking area, and sidewalk that we form. We wish that these surfaces stay in a similar shape for many years to come. If you’d like to keep your blacktop in great shape, then we offer seal coating services that can protect your asphalt surface and amplify its appearance.

Asphalt sealing assists in the maintenance of the blacktop surface. It protects the surface against the effects of oils, moisture, and ultraviolet rays. The protection makes the asphalt top less likely to deteriorate. 

Sealcoating majorly helps asphalt to get combined and protect the surface against any moisture, oils and ultraviolet rays. So, this protective shield will prevent the asphalt from getting shattered into multiple pieces at once. 

Asphalt sealing helps fill the tiny cracks by repairing them and keeping them from expansion. The method can help keep the significant gaps and potholes from forming.

The sealing of the asphalt helps the maintenance of the dark color. Asphalt sealant can be used for filing the tiny cracks and repairing them to avoid further expansion. A freshly sealed parking lot and driveway will make your blacktop shine. With the help of regular blacktop sealing, the surface continues to appear pristine for many years to come.

Application by the Hand

The seal coating services can be conducted by hand or spray. When you attentively incorporate the hand sealing process, it becomes as thorough and exact as it was in its initial days. The sprayers are not typically used as they do not involve the spots or any kinds of overspray on the other characters. The hand application process assists in pressing down the sealant for better protection. Are you on the search for trustable seal coat services? Check out Blacktop Boston for the best pavement services. 

Tips about Seal Coating 

Asphalt must be sealed accordingly once after every three years. You might be able to extend the time subtly when your asphalt surface does not depict any cracks or light patches. When you observe the minor cracks, you should not wait for more than two years to seal coat the surface. The surface requires two coats of sealant. Our professional paving contractors mainly advise you on whether one should plan for one application or the other.

Though we are highly cautious with the hand application of the sealant, few materials might get on the grass. It is not because of concern as it is not the main reason to kill the plants. Right after the few lawn mowing rounds, all the proof of the excessive sealant will have vanished.

After the asphalt sealing, leave enough time for the sealant to cure before creating foot traffic or driving a car on it. Make sure that you are waiting for a minimum of 24 hours to 3 days for better results. 

After the seal coating procedure, ensure that the sealant is correctly applied before driving a car on it. Most driveways can continue for the full years or even more, but it will shorten the lifespan if you neglect the blacktop surface. 

Get the most out of the entire asphalt surface by connecting with our professional experts for the regular applications of sealant. The help of the hand-applied seal coating services mainly assists in maintaining the appearance and the structural integrity of the asphalt driveway, including the sidewalk or the basketball court.

sealcoating services being applied to driveway

Sealcoating and Striping – Everything You Should Know!

Apart from creating the parking lot, it looks fantastic. Furthermore, seal coating is the most effective repairing method for your parking lot. Also, the seal coat is used over the asphalt to assist the protection against the common destructive elements. Sealcoating is the most important way to help save money on the repair costs by protecting the investment from climatic conditions such as sunlight, salt, ice, and snow. It also protects your asphalt from dangerous chemicals like gas, oil and grease. If you’re a restaurant owner, then this will save you money next time you hire a restaurant grease removal company

Sealcoating also adds a layer to asphalt that makes the activity such as cleaning and sweeping more accessible. Most people do not realize that the seal coating price is next to nothing compared to the pavement services. Make sure the investment in the seal coating can lengthen the life of the asphalt, preferably making more money in the pocket in a longer duration.

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